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For the last 10 years I have worked as a PMO both remotely and onsite. That combination together with being a entrepreneur gives me the opportunity of being the best version of myself in the roles of being a mother, a project management officer and an entrepreneur.

A few years ago I was asked by E-on Benelux to set up and manage a project office for several of their projects. They asked me to do this job entirely remotely.
Once per week we had a meeting at the headquarters. I spoke to my manager when necessary, mostly in the evening, because of his busy scedule during the office hours. As my highly energized moments are the afternoons and evenings, this was a perfect match while we achieved great results. Based on trust, clear agreements and deadlines we have worked together remotely for two years.

During my assignment onsite at Philips Eindhoven I worked with project team members located at Philips company’s worldwide. It was such a great experience to work with direct colleagues from different continents via online collaboration tools.

To gain more of these experiences, work at my highly energized moments and meet project managers and project management officers from all over the world, I often choose to work as an online PMO, also known as virtual pmo.

What I love about working project based is that every project is a new challenge, with new contacts and with new lessons learned. This gives me the opportunity to grow as a PMO and as a person as well. I am very goal oriented in my private life as well as in my work. I always want something to look forward to, to figure out how I can get there an dedicated to gain results. That could be a vacation, a project I work on for a client, a new offer for my own company, anything I am enthusiastic about.

PMO tasks I am most passioned about are:
– Create, improve or redesign a project management office
– Standardization of pmo processes
– Template development and customization
– Project communication (strategy, planning, writing/editing)
– Planning (project, budget, resource)
– Progress reports and Dashboards
– Document Management
– Risk- and Issue logs
– Contractmanagement

“As a highly motivated PMO I would like to deliver a contribution to the success of your project team”